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Palm Reading Palm Reading
A Palm Reading offers basic information mainly about yourself. It focuses on the lines in your palms which entails Love, Luck, Life, Health, Happiness and More.
Palm Reading
Tarot Cards Tarot Card Reading
A Tarot Card reading offers insight based on Past, Present, Future, Business, Family, Friends and/or Relationship
Tarot Cards
Spiritual Love Spiritual Love Reading
A Spiritual Love Reading is an energy reading that provides information about you and your significant lover without them being present. This reading will entail Past, Present, Future, Business, Success, Friends, Family and/or Past Life
Spiritual Love
Crystal Reading Crystal Reading
Crystal Reading is a quartz crystal and energy rating that provides information about you and people around you. This reading is more in-depth and it tells you about your Past, Present and Future, Business, friends and family. Also, advise you on a clearer outlook on life.
Crystal Reading
Full Life Reading Full Life Reading
A full life reading is an energy rating that offers information based on Past, Present, Future, Business, Family, Friends and Relationships. This reading is the strongest of the readings, filled with insight, advice and answers to all questions.
Full Life Reading
Sand Reading Sand Reading
The Egyptian Sand Reading is most detailed into your life and provides spiritual counseling, answers to all questions, based on past, present, future and also tunes in on past life, spiritual self, love and relationship, career, finances, health, happiness, chakra, aura colors and positive and negative energies.
Sand Reading
Also available chakra balancing, aura cleansing, meditations and more.

Combination readings available with discount of two readings or more per individual.

Business Hours Monday through Thursday 10 AM to 6 PM, Friday and Saturday 10 AM to 7 PM, Sunday Closed
After hour sessions are available by appointment only. Phone readings and email readings also available.


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